Dr. Ulrike Godler

Dr. Ulrike Godler

The Salzburg Foundation, a private initiative founded in 2001, which dedicates itself to contemporary formative art in public space at the most beautiful locations in the heart of Salzburg, can look back proudly at the successfully accomplished, “Salzburg Art Project”, the “Walk of Modern Art”, which was completed in 2011.

Internationally renowned artists like Anselm Kiefer, Mario Merz, Marina Abramovic, Markus Lüpertz, James Turrell, Stephan Balkenhol, Anthony Cragg, Christian Boltanski, Jaume Plensa, Brigitte Kowanz, Manfred Wakolbinger and Erwin Wurm created modern art in the form of monumental sculptures and installations for locations around the city that were chosen by them. The city can no longer be imagined without these works of art as they have become ab indispensable part of the festival city.

With the unique project, “Walk of Modern Art”, the Salzburg Foundation succeeded in starting a dialogue amongst people, provoking a debate, and inviting them to consciously experience familiar places in a new way. The new and unfamiliar, naturally, did not just bring about approval, but rather initial rejection as well as misunderstanding, which, now after 12 years, appears to have been overcome.

Since 2014, the Salzburg Foundation has been working on “the Krauthügel Art Project”, a new, temporarily hosted art project in close cooperation with St. Peter’s Abbey. It aims at 5 years and with Anthony Cragg’s sculptures “Points of View”, “Mixed Feelings”, and “Runner”, already shows signs of wide acceptance and of being a great project success.

May all of the Salzburg Foundation’s future projects continue to invite serious, complex debates with contemporary formative art in Salzburg’s public space time and time again!


* 1. September 1959

  • Name: Dr. Ulrike Godler
  • Born in Salzburg
  • Attendance of elementary school and the Wirtschaftskundlichen Bundesrealgymnasiums in Salzburg
  • Study of romantic languages at the University of Salzburg with a study trip to Italy and France
  • 2-year occupation as chief executive of the association of friends and patrons of the Salzburg festivals
  • 3-year occupation in the manager’s office of the Salzburg state theatre
  • 2-year occupation with an artist recruiter (agency for opera singers, conductors) in Vienna with contacts to all big stages in Austria, Germany, Italy, France
  • Since 1991: occupation at the University of Mozarteum, secretary general of the international Mozart competition (1993-2011), organization of guest professors for poetry and other big projects as well as the publication of publications, documentation, and CD-productions. Since 2000: head of the department for marketing, events, international affairs
  • Since 2005: member of the Salzburg foundation artistic advisory board
  • Since December 2009: member of the executive board of the Salzburg Association of Friends and Patrons of Museum der Moderne as well as member of the executive board of the Association of Friends and Patrons of the international summer academy for formative art in Salzburg until 2012
  • Since October 2014: replacement member of the Salzburg Easter festivals supervisory board
  • Since June 2014: member of the Salzburg Foundation executive board