Save the Date: PAUL WALLACH – DOWN TO THE GROUND, Krauthügel Art Project

Save the Date

Salzburg, Krauthügel, Hans-Sedlmayr-Weg

To mark the finale of the “Krauthügel Art Project”, Paul Wallach, an American in Paris (*1960), has sent a vast star crashing down into the landscape. Comprising long rows of embedded white concrete, the sculpture extends over an area of 40 x 45 metres. Only from the bird’s eye perspective, from the vantage point of Hohensalzburg Castle, can the full impact of the work be appreciated: For then a geometrical composition becomes discernible as a star-shaped structure. Seen from close proximity, however, the lines resolve into solid forms, and the „drawing“ into a sculpture. On quite a different level, the art work can be also used interactively by visitors, as a place in which to repose or play, or as a bench, stage or place of encounter.

A project of the Salzburg Foundation in cooperation with the Foundation for Art and Culture and the archabbey St. Peter.

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