Press Release

Second Krauthügel Art Project

Zhang Huan – My Temple

The Krauthügel, a 80,000 square meter meadow area below the fortress Hohensalzburg, will not only be an artistic area for the public but also a spiritual place: Zhang Huan will built a temple on these grounds for which he will use historical components from a 17th century Ming Dynasty temple.

Press Realease Salzburg Krauthügel Project 2015 (PDF)


Tenth Salzburg Art Project

Brigitte Kowanz / Manfred Wakolbinger / Erwin Wurm

On October 1, 2011, the 10th and final Salzburg Art Project will be unveiled to the public. In a homage to the host country, three internationally-acclaimed artists from Austria have been invited to participate: Brigitte Kowanz, Manfred Wakolbinger and Erwin Wurm. Adopting radically different artistic positions, the trio will create autonomous works, which, however, in juxtaposition generate a mutual tension.

Press Release Salzburg Art Project 2011 (PDF)